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Month: February 2021

How to deal with the stress of a challenging divorce

A marital breakup can be one of life’s biggest challenges, often triggering many different emotions. It is not uncommon for these emotions to build up and leave an individual feeling absolutely drained. If the negative emotions and stress of divorce is not dealt with,...

Facilitating mental well-being during a divorce

A marital breakup or separation can throw a person’s world upside down and cause a whole host of mental health problems. Divorce has the ability to induce a mental state that is debilitating enough to lead to crippling anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, depression and...

How much does adoption cost?

Every day, people make the loving and selfless choice to adopt a child. Whether they are starting a family or adding to one that already exists, it is a beautiful miracle that can bring joy to everyone involved. So many children are in need of a forever home that this...