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Month: April 2021

Strategies to help parents prepare for adoption

Adopting a child can be one of the most meaningful and joyful experiences. However, the process of adoption can also be very complex, challenging and confusing. It is a big step for both parents and children. Here are a few strategies parents in Texas can utilize to...

The effects of divorce on a child’s mental health

The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult event for any person to experience. However, a divorce can be even more challenging for children who are caught in the middle. Here’s how divorce can affect children and a few strategies to help parents in Texas protect the...

When to get a child custody agreement modified

Parents only want what’s best for their kids. Following a divorce, many parents in Texas work together to come to a child custody agreement that suits the best needs of the children. However, as the years go by and children grow, the child custody agreement may need...