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How do you modify child support in Texas?

In certain situations, Texas allows you to request a modification of your child support. Both the person responsible for paying the child support and the parent receiving the payments could request a modification. Parents can't change the child support payments...

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How to get ready for a custody hearing

Texas law generally allows both parents to have an opportunity to play a role in a child's life. However, a hearing is typically held to determine if doing so is appropriate in a given case. Let's take a look at some of the actions that you should take to prepare for...

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How can you divorce a narcissist?

Getting a divorce in Texas is hard enough, but it can be more difficult if your spouse is a narcissist. It’s important to use certain tips and tools when you find yourself in such a situation. Remember that they’ll try to appear as the victim Narcissists use whatever...

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Steps for divorce in Texas

If you are considering divorce, you should be aware of what the process involves in Texas. While the divorce process can differ based on individual circumstances, knowing the broad outline of what to expect can help you better prepare. Know the laws First, it can be...

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What is the purpose of a QDRO in Texas?

Asset division between spouses is often a complicated part of divorce in Texas. The court must divide everything that is subject to a split equally between spouses, including your retirement benefits. As such, the judge will assign QDRO to oversee this division....

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Community property in a divorce

One of the central components of getting a divorce in Texas is the distribution of marital property. Texas courts use community property doctrine in this element of a divorce, which means that all property not determined as personal will be divided equally. While this...

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