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How do I get a divorce in San Antonio?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Divorce

Even if you and your spouse are on relatively good terms, it still makes sense to make sure everything is in order if you are considering a divorce anywhere in Texas. That will probably mean bringing in a knowledgeable third party, such as a family lawyer, as the process is far from intuitive.

Although you may think of divorce as highly adversarial, many procedures and without undue delay or cost. There could be options outside a courtroom to resolve your differences, prevent further conflict and efficiently manage the dissolution of your marriage.

In fact, it is often wise to take a full account of your situation from a legal perspective before you begin the process. For example, if you expect your spouse to withhold certain financial information from the divorce, you may need to know what exactly to look for in order to keep this unfortunately common circumstance from delaying your divorce or preventing you from getting a fair deal.

The Bexar County District Clerk offers some forms online and some sparse resources to help you understand the divorce process in general. However, since every case is different, the clerk simply does not have the resources to provide specific advice. Generally speaking, you should consider analyzing your case before you file any documents.

The need for analysis and planning is even more pronounced when there are certain issues involved in your divorce. Examples would be child custody, contested assets or complicated marital property, such as heirlooms, artwork or real estate. There is nearly always a solution that would secure the best possible post-divorce future for your family — if you know where to look.

Please seek legal advice for any material situation. Any information here is only intended to provide a general background.