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Divorce Attorneys Serving San Antonio’s Military Families

Soulsby Law is proud to represent members of the military serving in one of San Antonio’s military bases, as well as their spouses. Military divorce is a special area of family law. To get through it as easily and quickly as possible, you need a divorce attorney experienced in the complexities unique to ending a military marriage. Our attorney, Kate Soulsby, has handled numerous divorces involving service members. She will represent you throughout the process and treat you with respect and compassion.

What Makes Military Divorce Different

Contact us for personal representation regarding your divorce. We handle all divorce matters, including:

To protect dependents of military service members, anyone who could get deployed needs a Family Care Plan. This plan includes an explanation of the custody arrangements in the event of a deployment.

Another common issue is military pensions. You and your spouse likely counted on your pension to help pay for your retirement. Now that you are getting divorced, the pension could become a contentious issue. We have handled hundreds of property division settlements and trials. We know how to use valuable assets like your pension to secure a fair division and maintain your retirement plans.

Put Your Family’s Future in Our Hands

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