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Compassionate Child Custody Representation to Protect Your Children

Your children mean everything to you. If you are not married to their other parent, or if you are getting divorced, it is your responsibility to make sure your children’s living arrangements meet their best interests, both physically and emotionally. To best serve your children and protect your rights as a parent, turn to Soulsby Law. We are an experienced and compassionate family law firm serving the San Antonio area. Our attorney, Kate Soulsby, is Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a Specialist in Family Law. She is uniquely qualified to help you with your child support matter.

Child Custody Law in Texas

Texas law requires that a child support order be in the best interests of the children. Much of the time, this means that the children spend time with both parents regularly. The parents may share custody, or one parent will have sole physical custody and the other gets visitation time. But if one of the parents is alleged unfit or abusive, the other parent will probably seek to restrict access to the children.

We have helped hundreds of San Antonio-area parents negotiate sustainable child custody arrangements. In cases where an out-of-court settlement is not available, we develop a strong case to persuade the judge that your plan is best for your children.

Experienced with Post-Decree Matters

Our representation does not end once the court approves your child custody order. If you have an order that needs to be adjusted because of changed circumstances, we can help you make the necessary changes. And if your parenting partner is violating the terms of the plan, we can take them to court to enforce your rights.

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