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When one parent is called unfit in a child custody case

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Child Custody

When divorced parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement, the court must step in and make key decisions. One of the worst things that can happen for a Texas parent during this time is to be labeled “unfit” by the judge. However, there are circumstances where a violent or negligent parent is actually a danger to their child.

What is an unfit parent?

The term unfit parent will always be subjective and based on opinions, since there is no universal definition of what makes a parent fit. However, the general definition of an unfit parent is a parent that fails to provide their child with their basic needs. Some examples of an unfit parent include:

  • A parent who neglects their child.
  • A parent who abandons their child.
  • A parent who has no interest in their child’s welfare.
  • A parent who physically abuses their child.
  • A parent who is extremely cruel to their child.

What are the consequences of this label?

When one parent is considered unfit, the court is required to protect the child from the unfit parent. This is why being labeled an unfit parent by a judge is so detrimental to your child custody case, and it could result in the loss of all of your parental rights. When both parents are deemed unfit by a judge, they could both lose their parental rights, and the child could be placed with a legal guardian.

What if your ex is calling you unfit?

Unfortunately, some divorcing parents make false accusations of abuse or neglect in an effort to gain full custody. If your ex is trying to get you labeled an unfit parent, it is critical that you defend yourself against these accusations so that you don’t lose custody.