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When the U.S. Supreme Court recognized the right of people in Texas and the rest of the country to get married regardless of their gender and sexual orientation, it was a historical moment. For the first time in history, members of Texas’ LGBTQ community could marry whomever they wished. Today, they enjoy the same legal marriage rights as everybody else – including the right to get a divorce.

At Soulsby Law, we are proud to provide experienced and compassionate divorce representation to San Antonio’s LGBTQ community. While LGBTQ divorce is generally the same as dissolving a heterosexual marriage, there may be unique aspects to your case that require the attention of a divorce lawyer who regularly handles such matters. As your attorney, Kate Soulsby will personally take care of everything you need to complete your divorce process the right way. We also provide other family law services, including adoption.

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We will work closely with you to understand your individual needs and base our strategy accordingly. Turn to us for practical advice and proven negotiation and trial skills related to:

Child custody and visitation may be especially complex matters in cases where one spouse is the children’s biological parent, and the other spouse never formally adopted the children. The nonbiological parent may struggle to establish parental rights. At Soulsby Law, we will work hard to reach a child custody and support order that is in the best interests of your children.

Guidance Through Adoption

Adoption can be complex legal proceeding. If you are adopting your spouse’s biological children, or the two of you are adopting a child together, we can help guide you through the process.

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