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How divorce changes parenting in Texas

Parenting with an ex-spouse doesn’t come naturally for any Texas resident. Even if the divorce is amicable, parents will experience significant changes in how they parent their children after a divorce. Adjusting to being the only adult Your ex-spouse is going to be...

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The unique challenges of same-sex divorce

Thousands of Texas couples choose to end their marriages every year. Divorce is a complicated process in any situation, but it can be especially difficult for same-sex couples. Many states have marriage laws based on heteronormative standards that same-sex couples...

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Custody of adopted children after divorce

When parents divorce in Texas, one of the most important decisions they will have to make is who will be responsible for their adopted children. This can be not easy, as the parents may have different ideas about who should have custody. If the parents cannot reach a...

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Top legal issues facing divorcing couples

Every divorce in Texas is different from another. Yet, there are some common variables and legal issues that will need to be covered in all circumstances. Dividing your assets All your assets will need to be divided between you and your spouse. Assets can be divided...

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Going through divorce with adopted children

Couples going through a divorce in Texas might feel like failures. This feeling can hit harder when the couple has adopted children during the marriage. Adopted children and divorce Parents of adopted kids have, without a doubt, gone through the gauntlet of proving...

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Is it time to seek a divorce in Texas?

Getting a divorce is a huge decision. You may have lived with your spouse for years, and the thought of starting over can be daunting. However, in Texas, there are some situations in which divorce may be the best option, like spousal or child abuse, unhappiness and...

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