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Custody cases are difficult for all clients and during these times one truly needs a caring, dedicated, and knowledgeable attorney. My husband and I found those qualities in Kate, and we are eternally grateful to have crossed paths during our time of need with all the Soulsby Law employees. Our case was a difficult one, in my opinion, with court proceeding lasting two entire weeks with a jury present. My husband initially had limited contact with his daughter prior to the trial, as the mother exhausted all measures to keep my husband away from her. With faith on our side and the support that the Soulsby Law team provided during the court proceedings Kate made the “impossible” possible, while the opposing counsel requested termination of my husband’s parental rights, Kate presented our case so well that all twelve jurors strongly believed that it is in the best interest of my step-daughter to award my husband primary custodial parent and for my step daughter to live with us with standard visitation rights from her mother. If anyone is seeking the best of the best attorney, Kate Soulsby is the way to go. I promise you will be in good hands during your trying times. God bless.

– Michelle M.

I write this with all honesty and high regard to the Soulsby Law Firm. This is the first time I had been involved in any family custody case or been exposed to any of these proceedings. Everyone was very patient and understanding at all times. I will admit, I was frustrated sometimes and did not see the whole picture. No one ever lost patience with me but continued to provide support for me. Our case was not typical or by far simple. There were a lot of variables with even attempts of termination of my rights. Never did anyone at the firm get discouraged or try to take the easy road. When we got close to starting trial and at the beginning of it, I saw the dynamics of the firm at work. Not of a few, but of the entire firm. They worked seamlessly as a unit to accomplish the goals set each day. The experience of each individual, to include the separate talents of each, solidify and make the firm even stronger. From the total experience accumulated by Kate and her associate, as the attorneys, was indispensable. The persistence and brilliance of their paralegal June and the added knowledge of other angles by Chris who is a licensed social worker made each effort greater. Each and everyone was instrumental to the success of our case. It was amazing to see the team augment efforts to make each other better. At the actual trial, Kate handled it beautifully. Kate was never deceitful but honest and tactful. As a military vet, she demonstrates the core values we strive for such as integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do. The rest of the team were also there and added so much insight that our case grew stronger each day. I cannot thank them enough. I was awarded primary custody of my daughter and from what I hear, in Texas for the fathers to get custody it is not easy. My wife and I will be forever grateful to the Soulsby Law Firm. We actually consider them very close friends now. Would I recommended them? Without question and a doubt.

– Edelmiro M.

Thanks Kate! Retaining Kate Soulsby was the best decision I made for myself and children, throughout my entire divorce process. Kate is not just highly knowledgeable of family law, she is extremely intelligent. She will retain all the little details you tell her about your case in her mind, connect them when needed, think quickly on her feet, and she advocates for the best outcomes for you and your children. I have had friends with other attorneys navigating divorce, so frustrated that their attorneys don’t seem to remember salient details about their cases. You won’t experience that with Kate. She will know your case in and out. She will care about you and your kids, as people. She has the social skills and heart of a therapist, which is really comforting with all the emotional upheaval that accompany these issues. She has an impeccable understanding of what is developmentally appropriate for children and will strongly advocate that their needs be met. She‘ll tell you straight what you can expect from the process and what is reasonable. She’ll look for opportunities to settle, when reasonable. However, if you need to litigate, Kate’s got you covered. She a fierce litigator and can command the Court room. You can’t pass a lie or misrepresentations of facts past her. She represented me through a multi-year custody case with a jury trial. In the end, she secured phenomenal results that have translated into Court orders that serve our kids’ needs and helped to significantly reduce conflict between their households. I’m truly grateful to have had her expertise and caring alongside me throughout this journey. I would never have gotten these results without her.

– Meg B.

Kate is an amazing attorney. She represented me at a hard time in my life. She has helped me with a divorce, custody modification, and appeal and an enforcement. She was supportive and firm when she needed to be and compassionate and caring when I needed her to be. Kate knows the law. She and her team worked tirelessly to get the results I wanted. I would recommend Kate for all matters in family law. I was fortunate that I had her on my side.
– Larry D.