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Fair, Thoughtful Spousal Support Assistance

Not everyone has the means to be financially independent outside of their marriage, but that should not stop anyone from getting out of an unhappy marriage. Whether you expect to need financial assistance after divorce, or your former spouse is asking for spousal support, you need dependable guidance and advocacy from a divorce attorney you trust.

Contact us at Soulsby Law for experienced legal help with spousal support, commonly known as alimony. Our attorney, Kate Soulsby, has been practicing family law in the San Antonio area for more than a decade. She will give you practical options for resolving your conflict and make sure you start the next phase of your life on a solid financial footing.

How Does Spousal Support Work in Texas?

Generally, a divorcing spouse will request spousal support, commonly known as alimony, when they have few financial resources and cannot meet their minimum reasonable needs based on their own resources and income. This often happens in situations where one spouse spent years as the primary child-rearer and housekeeper, while the other spouse earned all or most of the income. The spouse who did not work outside the home may lack the education or work history to begin earning a significant income right away. Spousal support may also be necessary when one spouse is unable to work due to a disability or long-term illness.

Spousal support may last for a fixed period to give the spouse receiving support the time for job training or restarting their career. It can also be for an indefinite period if the recipient is unlikely to ever become self-sufficient.

A Skilled and Understanding Lawyer with Experience on Both Sides of Spousal Support Disputes

Whether you are seeking spousal support or are being asked to pay, you deserve a path to a fair resolution that avoids costly delays and emotional upheaval. We will negotiate with your best interests as our top priority. If the matter ends up in court, we will forcefully present your case applying the law to the facts. Whatever happens, our goal is your financial stability.

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