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Adoption: Helping You Create Your New Family

Whether you are taking a child into your home or formalizing your relationship with your stepchild, adoption is how you establish parental rights and cement the bonds of your new family. The adoption process in Texas can be complex. A missed filing or incomplete form can lead to costly delays. Then there are cases where one or both biological parents contest the proceedings and turn the adoption into a legal fight.

The attorney you choose to guide you through your adoption process can make the difference between a smooth, efficient proceeding and a long, confusing and stressful one. At Soulsby Law in San Antonio, we have the experience you need for a successful adoption. Our founding attorney, Kate Soulsby, is certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. As a specialist, she provides a level of quality in family law representation that few can match. We represent same-sex couples as well as military families.

Assistance Making Your Way Through Complex Adoptions

Adoptions can range from relatively simple uncontested adoptions of a young relative to international or contested adoptions. Whatever your situation, we will answer all your questions about adoption and let you know what to expect. We will help you with each step until your adoption is final. We have successfully handled adoptions of children from around the world.

Adoption can be a joyful event, but only if it is handled properly. Turn to us at Soulsby Law for compassionate and efficient adoption guidance and representation.

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