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Why millennials are less likely to get a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Divorce

People often stereotype younger generations, particularly those in the millennial generation, as unreliable and superficial. However, there is one factor that may prove that notion false, especially for millennials, or those born between 1981 and 1996. Studies show that this age group is less likely to divorce.

For many years, people believed that all marriages had a 50% chance of lasting. Though this statistic may never have been accurate, there was a time when the divorce rate was fairly high, but recent studies suggest the divorce rate has dropped by 24% since 1981. Furthermore, experts think that this number will continue to plummet in the future, and they point to millennials as the reason. So what is it that makes millennials less likely to divorce, and what can people here in Texas learn from this data?

Changing attitudes regarding marriage

Researchers think that one of the biggest reasons behind the falling divorce rate among millennials is the way that many of them grew up. They may have watched their parents and other adults in their lives go through divorce and witnessed how difficult it could be. Rather than shy away from marriage altogether, studies suggest that they are just delaying marriage. One study shows that an overwhelming majority of millennials, at 89%, think that a long-lasting marriage will be part of their future.

Another reason may be that this demographic spends more time in a relationship with a person before tying the knot, getting to know them in ways that previous generations may not have prioritized. Some experts say that, in the past, marriage was often the start of a relationship, but millennials may have wisely made it into more of an end point. They foster intimacy in multiple ways before legally wedding.

Changing attitudes regarding money

Many young people today are saddled with debt thanks to student loans. They may not wish to bring a big financial liability into a relationship. This may be a good plan since money difficulties can cause significant strain in a relationship. Even if they have no debt, they may want to work on their careers before settling down with someone else. Studies show that doing that is a good indicator of a successful marriage, along with waiting until after age 25 to marry and completing college.