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Even celebrities are not immune to the pitfalls of divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Divorce

Certain agreements are made when two people enter into marriage in the state of Texas. Spouses will change over time and, as spouses change, the marriage must adapt or it could be doomed. Although divorce is quite common these days, it is never easy. Celebrities are often held to a higher standard, but they too may suffer the pitfalls of divorce. Recently, one high-profile couple made headlines when they filed for divorce.

Just a few months after a separation, it was reported that Julianne Hough filed for divorce from her husband Brooks Laich citing irreconcilable differences. Hough, a former dancer on the popular show Dancing with the Stars, recently submitted the necessary paperwork to formally divorce Laich, a former NHL player. Hough and Laich were married in July 2017.

One source close to the couple said the breakup was a long time coming. Reports indicated that the couple had differing viewpoints on important issues and argued often. The couple decided to separate to deal with the issues they faced. Amid the separation, Hough posted messages on social media about feeling stuck, hopeless or depressed and apparently dyed her hair brown, which could have been an indication of her mental state.

Although famous athletes, actors and other celebrities are often held in high regard by the general public, they are human and can face the same marital struggles as any Texas resident. Unfortunately, some situations in a divorce may lead to conflict between the two parties. Consulting a seasoned and knowledgeable family law attorney can be very helpful in these situations. A skilled litigator can offer the protection of rights and help individuals navigate through this extremely difficult and challenging time.