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When to get a child custody agreement modified

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2021 | Child Custody

Parents only want what’s best for their kids. Following a divorce, many parents in Texas work together to come to a child custody agreement that suits the best needs of the children. However, as the years go by and children grow, the child custody agreement may need to be amended. To do this, parents would need to submit a request for a child custody modification to the court. Here are a couple of reasons why parents may request modifications to a child custody agreement.

When a parent moves

If a parent moves to a distant location, obviously the current child custody agreement may not be suitable. When parents request a modification for this reason, the court will consider a few things before deciding whether to grant permission for a move with the child. The court will examine why the parent is moving, if the child’s life will be interrupted by the change and if parents have attempted to rework their schedules.

When a child is in danger

If children are in danger in the current household, the court will certainly be open to changing a child custody agreement. The court will examine the urgency of the situation. They will look for domestic violence issues in the household and whether the children are afraid to stay with a parent.

In some cases, the other party may be uncooperative and not fulfilling his or her agreed upon responsibilities. In this case, legal action may be necessary. Those in Texas who have questions about child custody or making modifications to a custody arrangement may want to consult a legal representative. A seasoned family law attorney can provide guidance and help present a clear and cohesive case to the court.