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Could the divorce rate among lesbian couples be going up?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Divorce, LGBTQ Family Law

Researchers from the United Kingdom suggest that the divorce rate is higher for lesbian couples than gay male couples. According to a study of couples in England, three out of every four same-sex couples who file for divorce are lesbians. This statistic may be of interest to same-sex couples in Texas.

What does the research show?

The UK study noted that although lesbian divorces make up less than 1% of all divorces in England, research shows that this percentage is growing. Some say this is because of the rise of lesbian marriages since 2014 when same-sex marriage was first legalized in that country.

What is the key factor for this increasing divorce rate?

Polls show that the primary reason for same-sex couples, male or female, to divorce is because of unreasonable behavior. The most common form of unreasonable behavior is adultery, and some other common unreasonable behaviors include drinking and other addictions. Researchers say that women in heterosexual marriages are nearly twice as likely to file for a divorce as their male counterparts.

Why is there such a large gap between same-sex female and male couples?

A few LGBTQ activists theorize that part of the reason for this discrepancy is that women are more likely to have a previous marriage partner and are more likely to move in together quicker, which might lead to divorce. Some have even posited that women are less likely than men to tolerate a cheating partner.

LGBTQ divorce

Research on this issue is ongoing to better understand same-sex couples; after all, the ability for two women or two men to get married has only been around since 2014 in England. However, the breakdown of marriages occurs for many of the same reasons that it occurs in opposite-sex couples: infidelity, criticism, addiction and other undesirable behaviors. If you are considering divorcing your same-sex partner for any reason, reach out to an attorney who practices family law.