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LGBTQ couples can become parents through adoption

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Adoption, LGBTQ Family Law

Adoption can be a fantastic way to build a family in Texas, but it hasn’t always been an option for LGBTQ couples. Thankfully, the law now allows gay and lesbian partners to adopt children.

Adopting a child isn’t a simple process, though. Regardless of your orientation, adoption requires planning and patience.

Healthy kids

A variety of organizations have conducted studies to measure the well-being of gay couples’ children. Each study follows different methods, which means that none of them have precisely the same results, but studies with reliable research methods indicate that children raised by gay parents have health and well-being similar to children raised by straight couples.

Types of adoption

There isn’t just one way to adopt a child. Traditional adoption, in which a birth parent gives a child up for adoption, is one possibility. Adopting through foster care is another. Each poses challenges, so it’s important to research carefully before choosing which route to take.

Adoption profiles and home studies

If you choose to go the traditional route, you’ll need to create an adoption profile. Your adoption profile will describe you and your partner, the life you’ve built together and anything else you wish to share with birth parents who might select you.

During a home study, someone from an adoption agency will visit your home to interview you and see how you live. In earlier times, gay couples sometimes hid their romantic relationships to avoid discrimination. However, if you lie, you might ruin your chance to adopt, so be accurate and honest during the process.

Though it used to be difficult or even impossible for LGBTQ couples to adopt children, the law now recognizes that gay couples can be wonderful parents. If you need help with the adoption process, a family law attorney may offer guidance.