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Does home improvement work contribute to divorces?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2021 | Divorce

Marriages do not always work out, and many spouses file for divorce. Various reasons support the request for dissolution. The irreconcilable differences are common, and so are breakups over adultery or financial mismanagement. And then there are surprising reasons behind a Texas divorce. Shockingly, partners that team up for home improvement projects find their marriage runs into trouble.

Home improvement and divorce

HomeAdvisor conducted a poll and discovered that many married couples considered working on a home improvement project together served as a test for the marriage. Unfortunately, 17% of couples found the test too much to bear, and they divorced.

Several reasons might contribute to friction during home improvement work. The two spouses may have completely different opinions and perspectives on what to accomplish. Competing visions could lead to clashes when compromise doesn’t happen. Bad feelings may worsen, and the marriage could head into trouble.

Large projects such as kitchen renovations could involve many different styles. Arguing over what new look to achieve may create more problems than some people realize. Sometimes, challenging projects bring spouses closer together. Other times, the projects create a massive wedge.

Money matters could factor into the issues over home improvement disagreements. One spouse might find the project costs more than its worth, while the other wishes to be more lavish. Differences over financial issues like this one could create problems.

The fallout over home improvement disagreements

Couples may wish to reexamine how vital a particular home improvement project is. If the project sets a course for divorce proceedings, perhaps it is not worth it. Maybe couples could explore marriage counseling if a home improvement job causes so much trouble.

When a divorce becomes inevitable, an amicable dissolution might be best for all. Reliving the conflict coming from the home improvement work may not be what the couple wants to deal with again.