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How to get ready for a custody hearing

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Child Custody

Texas law generally allows both parents to have an opportunity to play a role in a child’s life. However, a hearing is typically held to determine if doing so is appropriate in a given case. Let’s take a look at some of the actions that you should take to prepare for a custody hearing and increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Make a good impression on the court

If you are serious about being your child’s primary caregiver, it’s important that you make a good impression on the court. This means that you need to arrive on time for the hearing and that you dress in a professional manner. If you don’t own professional attire, be sure that whatever you do wear is clean and appropriate for court. Finally, it’s important to never speak unless you are asked to do so.

Establish that you have a strong bond with your child

The judge in your case will be looking for evidence that you have a strong bond with your son or daughter. You can do this by submitting call logs, visit logs or other documents indicating how you have made an effort to be in your child’s life after your divorce. You can also submit statements from your child’s doctor, teacher or others who can vouch for your ability to be a good parent.

Show that you can provide for your child’s needs

While you don’t need to live in a mansion, it’s important that you have a house large enough to accommodate your child’s needs. It’s also important that you have enough money to pay for your son or daughter’s basic needs. Of course, if you obtain sole custody of your child, you’ll likely receive monthly child support payments.

Ideally, you’ll start preparing for a child custody hearing the second that you know that your marriage is coming to an end. If you need more time to gather documents or witness statements, don’t hesitate to contact the court as soon as possible.