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How do you modify child support in Texas?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Child Support

In certain situations, Texas allows you to request a modification of your child support. Both the person responsible for paying the child support and the parent receiving the payments could request a modification. Parents can’t change the child support payments through a private agreement, however; you must go through the legal process to modify your child support.

Submit a request for modification

You can submit a child support modification request online or by mail. Only send one at a time because sending more than one request could cause delays. You may qualify for modifications to child support if “material and substantial” changes have occurred to your income.

When the noncustodial parent becomes responsible for other children, they can request a modification. If the child custody arrangement changes, then this is another valid reason to request modifications to child support. Texas also allows modification requests when changes occur to the child’s medical insurance coverage.

Wait to hear back

It could take at least six months to receive a new child support order after you request a modification. You should quickly respond to requested information to speed up the process. After you submit your request, you’ll hear back within 30 days. The Child Support Division will verify the residential address, income and health insurance coverage for both parents. Both parents will receive notice on whether the request was approved or not approved.

Attend the review process appointment

If the request was approved, the Child Support Division arranges a Child Support Review Process Appointment to negotiate the order with you and the other parent. If you or the other parent disagree with the approval to modify child support, you could contest the decision and request another review.

Texas keeps both parents informed throughout the process of reviewing a child support revision request. Just as when the order was first initiated, the Child Support Division makes decisions based on the legal guidelines. More complicated situations go to the judge.