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How to support a birth mother after adoption

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Adoption, Family law

The process of adopting a child impacts countless lives. While it’s easy for adoptive parents in Texas to focus on the change to their lives, it’s also important to consider the mothers who gave birth. If there is a birth mother in your life who allows someone to adopt her child, be sure to remember these helpful tips.

Give her time to heal

The birth process involves a great deal of physical pain. However, there is emotional and mental pain for birth mothers who choose to put their children up for adoption. Allow the birth mother in your life to have some time to heal mentally and emotionally during and after the adoption process.

Be a listening ear

After choosing to place a baby up for adoption, it’s not uncommon for birth mothers to feel various emotions. Even if you don’t know what to say to comfort the birth mother, give her a safe place to share her thoughts and feelings. Many birth mothers don’t want advice but need someone to listen and be supportive.

Support the decision

Before the birth of a child, the birth mother may seek advice. However, once she makes that decision, the time for trying to change her mind is over. Instead, be a supportive listener, and encourage her to trust her instincts.

Find support

Depending on your personal history, you may not have ever gone through an adoption. If so, you should still be supportive to the birth mother in your life. However, it’s also important to help those women find the support they need from others who walked that journey.

The process of adoption is a beautiful way to complete a family. Supporting the mothers who give birth is equally as important.