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Divorce and depression: How to heal and move on

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2020 | Divorce

Whether a marriage ended amicably, abruptly or contentiously, it is always an emotional thing to experience. Divorce is a major, life-altering event that will take a long time to overcome. Depression is very common among many individuals in Texas who go through the dissolution of a marriage. Here are a few ways to facilitate healing and get through post-divorce depression.

Those who go through a divorce often experience grief comparable to the death of a loved one. Just like death, it is common to go through all the stages of grief following a divorce. These are denial, pain, anger and acceptance. Simply recognizing these feelings and becoming aware of them can help a person begin the process of healing.

Focusing on the positives is important for any person experiencing depression. View the divorce as a great opportunity to try new things and venture out of comfort zones. It is not necessary for a person to totally reinvent his or herself, but it can be the perfect time to try new and exciting things. These can be things like joining a new gym, social club or church group. Staying positive and experiencing new things can greatly reduce feelings of depression.

Exercising and spending time with close friends or family are always great and healthy ways to cope with post-divorce depression. In some cases, it may be necessary to seek the services of a therapist or counselor to talk about feelings and learn techniques to overcome depression. For those in Texas who are going through divorce or thinking about it, it is important to consider discussing the situation with a seasoned attorney. A legal representative can protect personal rights and guide individuals through this difficult time.