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What to expect in a Texas adoption proceeding

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Adoption

Adopting a child in Texas is not always a simple process. All judges in the Texas court system take their child advocate responsibilities seriously, and there are specific rules that apply before a judge can grant an order of adoption. Prospective parents must demonstrate the capability of raising a child and the ability to provide a healthy and safe environment for the newly adopted child, as they then become legally responsible. Additionally, children with disabilities may result in extended responsibilities for the new parents as well.

Biological parental rights termination

One of the first steps in establishing eligibility for adoption is removing the rights of former parents. This typically involves biological parents, and it can be done either voluntarily or involuntarily under certain circumstances. Minor children by law can only have two legal parents, and there must be no claims on the child or children prior to a new adoption order. This process is typically not a problem when a child is adopted through an agency or from an orphans home.

Court evaluation of petitioners

All adoption petitioners must demonstrate that they are a good fit for the children with respect to a wholesome home environment and both mentally and physically capable of rearing a child. This applies even when the adopted minor is a teen and nearing legal age. The home is typically inspected along with comprehensive interviewing of the prospective new parents. Many times there is a six-month trial order in which the parents can prove to the court that the adopted child is indeed happy and an ongoing relationship has been established.

Each adoption case in Texas is unique to some degree, just as each child is different and may have different needs with respect to parenting. However, the constants of court concern in each case are the safety and welfare of the child along with the current suitability of the prospective parents.