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What are LGBTQ couples’ options for starting a family?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | LGBTQ Family Law

Many LGBTQ couples in Texas have the same dreams as straight couples. Starting a family is often one of them. It’s important for LGBTQ couples to know all their options for having children.

What are the fertility options for LGBTQ couples?

Per LGBTQ family law, same-sex couples and couples including at least one transgender member have the right to start families just like any other couple. There are plenty of options available for couples who want to start a family. They include the following:

• Adoption
• Fostering a child
• In-vitro fertilization or IVF using a gestational surrogate using an egg donor, sperm donor, or embryo donor
• Gestational surrogacy with egg donation
• Artificial insemination with a sperm donor
• Reciprocal IVF with one partner carrying the baby while the other donates an egg
• In-utero insemination or IUI using donor sperm

What if both partners want a genetic connection to the child?

Some LGBTQ couples are perfectly fine with adopting a child who needs a stable, loving home. However, some might prefer to have a child they can say is biologically theirs. LGBTQ family law allows for one parent to donate an egg or sperm while the other has a close relative donate as well. For example, if a gay couple wanted a child and one partner donated sperm, the other partner’s sister could donate an egg. The couple could have an embryo created and then hire a gestational surrogate who could carry their baby. This would give both partners the chance to have a child that is genetically connected to both of them.

Seeing a fertility specialist is a good option for some couples as well. Transgender people might want to look into potential options for fertility if they prefer having a child who’s genetically theirs.

There are many options available to LGBTQ couples who want to become parents. Exploring those options can help to determine which is best.