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Social media may cause problems during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Divorce

Social media platforms often prove to be valuable communication tools. However, there can be a toxic element to the online venues. Those involved in divorce proceedings in a Texas courtroom might find social media does far more harm than good. Posts in a public forum, or even a private one, might haunt someone involved in a bitter divorce case. Items drawn from social media may become problematic evidence that could make a troubling divorce more complicated.

Social media could upend a divorce

Social media could cause a variety of problems with a marriage. Those who spend too much time on social media platforms may drift apart from their spouses, and such distance may harm a marriage. Arguments on social media sites might leave some on edge, contributing to problems in the marriage.

Spouses who file for divorce could discover their social media behavior continues to cause trouble. Those angry about the failure of their marriage or a spouse’s behavior choose to vent on social media. The other spouse might use social media posts and videos to paint a negative picture of a partner’s mental state. Whether fair or not, such tactics could affect decisions related to child custody and more.

Being careful on social media

Perhaps a stressed-out person chooses to go on a short vacation to relax. Posting pictures from the vacation may lead to questions about financial status. Someone struggling financially may not be able to afford the alimony amount requested during divorce proceedings. Pictures from a vacation financed by overextended credit cards could hurt any arguments about fiscal woes.

Perhaps it would be wise to cut back on social media time, if not stop all social media activities except for necessary communications. Saying or posting something online while divorcing may have far worse consequences than imagined.