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Year: 2023

Dealing with child support payments after a job loss

No matter how stable one’s job is, no one can predict what could happen in a few months or years. For instance, no one expected a pandemic to break out in 2020, but it still did and led to mass layoffs. Whether due to an economic downturn or company cost-cutting,...

The waiting game: Divorce and pregnancy in Texas

Contemplating a divorce while pregnant may challenge even the most relentless individuals. There is overwhelming pressure with facing two life-altering realities hitting you all at once – the looming breakdown of your marriage and the heartwarming anticipation of an...

The impact of adoption on mental health

Every year, thousands of couples in Texas expand their families through adoption. While many people consider this a joyous occasion, experts report that adopted children often deal with numerous mental health issues following their adoption. Common mental health...